For more than 25 years our company has been developing, designing and manufacturing information and measurement systems, automation equipment, radio-electronic devices, mobile and stationary metrology systems as well as verification, diagnostics and repair workstations for automatic verification of wide range of measurement instrumentation for radio technical and electrical values, pressure and time, and linear-angular values.
The company provides a variety of services ranging from development, selection, manufacturing and delivery of the required equipment and software to warranty and after-sale maintenance and repair.
Our address:
       AJAX SOOO, 5 Guikalo Str., 220005 Minsk, The Republic of Belarus

Marketing Department:
       Tel/Fax: +375 17 288-20-84,        +375 17 284-36-91


Precision Resistor Laboratory:
               Tel. +375 17 293-94-77

       Laboratory Director
       Victor Viktorovich Sorokin
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           Ajax SOOO comprises among other departments the laboratory for precision foil resistors. The laboratory has long history. It was established in 1981 and was a part of the Minsk Scientific and Research Instrument-Making Institute, which also included Ajax SOOO as one of departments.
        First precision and ultra-precision resistors and dividers developed by the laboratory employees were utilized in a B7-39 voltmeter and later in B7-46 voltmeter as well as in a digital B2-39 nanovoltmeter. New generation of small-size resistors and dividers were used for the first time in a B7-54 high-precision voltmeter. High-precision current meter shunts developed in the laboratory were used in an ITN-1 current and voltage source, which is today included in mobile metrology laboratories.
    Today the laboratory supplies precision and ultra-precision components to such devices as В7-72, В7-74, В7-82, Н4-6, etc. The primary production technologies for precision and ultra-precision resistors, dividers, current meter shunts are protected with inventors’ certificates.
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